Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reflection on Football

Allow me to begin with this: I am a proud Texan.

As my New York raised close friend, Liz, points out often, Texans are proud. And really, can you blame us? We have much to be proud of. However, one thing that I cannot totally get into, despite my Texan heritage, is the high-competitive, borderline vicious, nature of Texas football. We are a state that attributes touchdowns on the field to overall success of a city or school. This is where I separate slightly from the masses.

I grew up in a city that had two high schools. There was one thing that puzzled me from the moment I walked into those big glass doors to the moment I walked across a stage holding a diploma- the fact that each high school cared more about beating the other on the field than any other high school on that season's schedule. I watched every fall as adults and teenagers alike threw everything from casual challenging comments to snide, even rude remarks at one another. Ultimately, this did not make sense to me. If we were from the same city, couldn't we be happy for one another's success? Friendly competition (if there is such a thing) is one thing, but wishing a loss on your neighbors is another.

It is because of that upbringing that I am proud to support Texas teams as a whole. I come from a family of proud Longhorns. However, I pull for all Texas universities, so long as they are not playing UT. On a smaller scale, I am very, very proud to be a MISD teacher. It thrills me when any of our high schools succeed. And when we happen to play against one another (such as last night), I refuse to act in a degrading manner by purposely insulting another school in our district.

So today, October 16th, while I am of course pulling for the Longhorns, I also wish A&M, Baylor, and especially Texas Tech much success. If one Texan team wins, then its Texas that wins. So, while I can't bring myself to say any of the slogans for all those other teams, I say Hook 'em to all.

That is enough ranting for now. I shall have to dedicate another blog to the sins committed by some native-born Texans who cheer for non-Texan teams....

Hook 'em (and go Rangers)!

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