Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prayer for My Daughter

(Thoughts that have been on my mind since hearing we are expecting a little girl. I am sure that as I get to know her, the list will grow.)

I pray that you enter this world healthy and happy. And I pray that I am able to keep you that way.

I pray that as you get bigger, you experiment with things. Your mom wasn't always the bravest. Don't be afraid to get dirty, to risk just a little. So much of life happens when we take a chance.

I pray that as you go through school, you learn to accept everyone for who they are. Love big. Know that they are children of God too.

I pray that as you see more of the world through your little eyes, you get to know the One who created that world. He is the only one who loves you more than mommy and daddy. He knew you before us, put you together in a special way to create a combination that is uniquely you. And He has done much for you so that you may know Him.

I pray that as you grow into a young adult, you learn quickly that beauty is so much more than what is on your body. You will be beautiful. But beautiful isn't what defines you. Grow confident in your strengths, in your talents, in your creativity, and in your intelligence. Know that no one can take those things from you.

I pray that as you decide on a path for your life, that you have the guts to do something that will glorify your Lord and fulfill you. No job is worth any amount of money if it is not what you enjoy.

I pray for the man you one day choose as husband (later, please). I pray that he sees our little girl for all that she is and all she can accomplish. I hope he supports your goals as you will his. That you both grow in love more each day and rely on one another through all of life's trials.

I pray for the family that you two may choose to start. Nurture them and love them as only you can. Remember that they are a gift from God.

I pray that with each and every day, you love more, see more, accomplish more, dream more, laugh more, and give more than I ever could. You are loved and I am thankful.

Love, Mom