Saturday, November 20, 2010

Giving Thanks

As the season of thanks kicks into high gear, I am reminded that I am so very blessed. It is amazing that in my 25 years, I have been given so much. And so, with thanksgiving on my mind and in my heart, I wanted to reflect on those blessings which are constant and the most important.

I am a fallen individual. I am a sinner. My God is a savior. For His love, His forgiveness, His guidance, His faithfulness, and His grace, I am and will always be thankful.

My Family
My husband and I celebrated four years of marriage this summer. Certainly not a milestone, but four years of being married to a loving, kind, funny, sweet, godly man is something to celebrate daily. I wake up each day with the knowledge that I am loved as much as I love him, and that the best is yet to come. What a blessing.

I have the best dad, mom, and sister in the world. They provide such support, love, and laughter. My dad is such a mentor. His option and advice is something that I have always cherished. My mom has taught me countless lessons and given me such indispensable advice. My sister is such a beautiful young woman. I am so very thankful for her humor, love for life, and sweet nature. It may seem natural for younger siblings to look up the the older one, but I am fortunate to say that I have a younger sister whom I greatly admire.

My mother and father in law are also such a blessing and have definitely become part of my family. I am constantly thankful for my mother-in-law's wisdom in the kitchen and my father-in-law's wisdom with house upkeep. They have both saved our butts, more than once. :)

My Grandma Emma is one of my biggest blessings. She taught me to love theater, to find joy in giving rather than receiving, to walk with God even in (and particularly during) difficult times, and to love others before yourself. My prayer is to become half the woman she is.

My Friends
We are as blessed with friends are we are with family. This summer, Kyle and I went on another vacation with the Thompsons. We do not get to see them often enough, and are always thankful when we do. They are such fun, kind friends and we look forward to all the vacations to come.

Kelley is a friend of mine for five years now. From the beginning I was so very surprised by her ability to overcome obstacles with grace as well as her innate tendency to put absolutely everyone before herself. She deserves everything good and beautiful in this world.

Liz is the friend that I am thankful for personally and professionally. She has helped me shape my teaching methods in addition to providing a patient, objective ear. In a perfect world, she and I will be teaching together until retirement. :)

And of course, there's my bestie, Barbara. I did not know when I met that beautiful, vivacious woman five years ago that I was meeting someone who I could laugh with, cry with, and trust with everything. She is so very dear to me.

Yes, I am thankful for all these precious little lives joining the world lately! I have so many friends who are recent parents or becoming parents. It is so wonderful to see my friends entrusted with these children of God. Such an honor! I know God has something so very special planned for Mason, Ella, Jack, Aubrey, Parker, Alison, and baby McGuinness. It's a blessing to watch as they grow up.

My Job
Yes, I am thankful for my job. I am blessed to have a job that I know I am called to. My students are so very precious to me. It is such a blessing to work with them as they become adults.

Mine is a life truly, undeservedly blessed. I am beyond thankful.